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Please consider adopting a needy family for the upcoming Christmas season!

A few Christmas seasons ago we are initiated a new program called Adopt-a-Family.  The Westland Goodfellows will approve all applicants for this program.  We will then coordinate with an adoptive family, church or business to arrange delivery of Christmas to the approved family.

Please take a moment and consider adopting a family this next year.  We will collect the family's "wish list" of needed items such as clothing, sizes, ages, and desired toys.  We will then match this with a local family, business, or church willing to adopt this family for Christmas. The Goodfellows will support your donation with some standard items like hats & gloves, school supplies, dental kits and food gift vouchers.

Our 2010 Goal was 10 families.  We met and surpassed our goal.  In 2010 12 families were adopted by local businesses and Westland famlies.  In 2011, 24 families were adopted.  In both 2012 and 2013, we had 26 families adopted.  A slight increase to 28 families adopted for 2014, with a significant helping hand from UAW Local 900.  And beyond any hopes or expectations, 54 families were adopted in 2015!  Each year this programs grows and we are happy to match giving families & businesses with Westland families in need.   Please help us continue the expansion of this program by calling 734-788-2270 to find out more information and be matched with a family, deadline to participate is the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.

Please use this link to find out more specific information regarding this program. 2016AdoptorGuidelines.jpg
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Thank you to the following community partners:

John & Sandy Anderson                                                              Jennifer Benrowski
Best Buy - Westland                                                                     Buffalo Wild Wings - Westland
Independent Carpet One                                                             Christine Cicirelli-Bryant & Family
Stacy Daugherty                                                                            Nina Davidson
WMHS - DECA Club                                                                    Amy Eastman
Family Resource Center                                                              Feinberg Consulting
Frazzitta Family                                                                            Lauren Hastings
Paula & Rob Henika                                                                     HOSA - WDF Vo-Tech Center
Joanna & David Maki                                                                   Rick & Lisa Matthieu
Max & Erma's - Westland                                                            Metro Consulting Associates
Net Shaped Solutions                                                                   Lena Dar Cottham
Patricia Polehna                                                                            Anastasia Sakarini Family & Friends
Sharon Stickney & Family                                                           St. John's Episcopal Church
Mike Vescoso & Family                                                                Brandie Wasilewski
WMHS Rotary Club                                                                      Westland Hockey Association
Westland Nursing & Rehab Centre                                            UAW Local 900
Knight Family & Friends                                   

Independent Carpet One                                                              Community Dental Assoc.
TJ Maxx                                                                                            Best Buy - Westland
Anatasia Sakarini Family & Friends                                           Plastipak                                                 
Header Products                                                                             Rick Mattieu and Family
Trisha Williams                                                                               Mary Beth Dunn
Anthony Lambert & Family                                                          Kenneth Locke
UAW Local 900 Members                                                     

Independent Carpet One of Westland                                         Diane Harris & Family
Kroger, Cherry Hill & Merriman                                                  Rick Mattieu and Family
Westland Cheer Squads                                                                  Anastasia Sakarini
Beth Skaggs and Family                                                                 Wayne Westland Credit Union
Tera Garza                                                                                         Target, Accounting Office, Canton
Westland Nursing & Rehab Centre                                              Bob & Brookellen Swope
Federal Express, Novi Location                                                    Westland Employees Union Local #1602
Lauren Hastings                                                                               Plastipak
Best Buy Westland                                                                           UPS Livonia
Monte LaClear & Family                                                                 Westland Police Dept.
UAW Local 900

Independent Carpet One of Westland                                        Diane Harris & Family
Kroger, Cherry Hill & Merriman                                                  Rick Mattieu and Family
Professional Medical Billing Group                                             The Dittmare Family
Beth Skaggs and Family                                                                 Wayne Westland Credit Union
Tera Garza                                                                                         Target, Accounting Office, Canton
Westland Nursing & Rehab Centre                                              U.S. Farathane
Federal Express, Novi Location                                                    Westland Employees Union Local #1602
Nederman Sales                                                                                Platipak
Sear-Westland Mall

Independent Carpet One of Westland                                           Community Dental Assoc.
Buffalo Wild Wings                                                                            Diane Harris & Family
Kroger, Cherry Hill & Merriman                                                     Rick Matteiu & Family
Professional Medical Billing Group                                                The Dittmare Family
Beth Skaggs and Family                                                                    Don Massey Cadillac
Tera Garza                                                                                            Enviro Solutions
Christy Gabany                                                                                    Westland Employees Union Local #1602
Willow Creek Apartments                                                                 Rachel Shier
JC Penney, Westland Mall                                                                WOW Cable
Westland District Court Employees                                                The Learning Experience
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Assoc of Farmington Hills

Independent Carpet One of Westland                                           Professional Medical Billing Group
Buffalo Wild Wings of Westland                                                     Plasti-Pak of Westland
Kroger, Cherry Hill & Merriman Location                                    Beth Skaggs & Family
Kristen Simor & Family                                                                     Diane Harris & Family
Jeff Novak & Family                                                                           Cristy Gabany

Please contact us if you are interested in our Adopt-a-Family program.  Email us at
or call our Program Directors at 734-788-2270 (Heather, Donna, or Barbara).

We are in search of a Coordinator for this program. Please call if interested in volunteering.
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