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Please consider adopting a family in need for the upcoming Christmas season!

In 2010 we initiated a new program called Adopt-a-Family.  The Westland Goodfellows will approve all applicants for this program.  We will then coordinate with an adoptive family, church or business to arrange delivery of Christmas to the approved family.

Please take a moment and consider adopting a family this next year.  We will collect the family’s “wish list” of needed items such as clothing, sizes, ages, and desired toys.  We will then match this with a local family, business, or church willing to adopt this family for Christmas. The Goodfellows will support your donation with some standard items like hats & gloves, school supplies, dental kits and food gift vouchers.

Our 2010 Goal was 10 families.  We met and surpassed our goal.  In 2010 12 families were adopted by local businesses and Westland famlies.  In 2011, 24 families were adopted.  In both 2012 and 2013, we had 26 families adopted.  A slight increase to 28 families adopted for 2014, with a significant helping hand from UAW Local 900.  And beyond any hopes or expectations, 54 families were adopted in 2015 and 55 in 2016 and in 2017! 2018 was a banner year and we had 72 families adopted!!  Each year this program grows and we are happy to match giving families & businesses with Westland families in need.   Please help us continue the expansion of this program by calling 734-788-2270 to find out more information and be matched with a family, deadline to participate is the Monday of Thanksgiving week.  2019 was the ten year anniversary of this program and we had a record established of 98 families adopted. Over 50% of the children needing help with Christmas received this special program.

Please email us at [email protected] and use this link to find out more specific information regarding this program.

Adopt-A-Family Guidelines

***If you or your organization are interested in Adopting a Family this Christmas season, please contact us.***