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Other Cities Goodfellows

Other Cities Goodfellows

Canton Goodfellows:  
Apply through Canton Public Schools or via their website.

Dearborn Goodfellows: 
All assistance is through Dearborn Public Schools, please contact them directly

Dearborn Heights Goodfellows:                                                                              
call the infomation phone number      313-791-3430   City Clerk’s Office

Detroit Goodfellows:  Serving Detroit, Highland Park, River Rogue, and Hamtramck                586-775-6139  

Garden City Goodfellows:         734-679-7838        Hank & Carol Gable

Inkster Goodfellows:
Limited applications available at Inkster Recreation Bldg., Inkster
Public Schools.    No Phone Number Available             

Livonia Goodfellows:                313-438-0862       Jodee Hall, President

Plymouth Goodfellows           734-262-3199     

Romulus Goodfellows:
applications online until Nov. 28, go to    or at City Hall
Call 734-955-4577

Wayne Goodfellows:               
734-722-9319  Oct. to Dec. only   Jennifer Geitzen, Pres.
734-722-1111  Jan. to Sep. only

Salvation Army-2300 Venoy Rd., Westland:
serving Wayne, Westland, Inkster, Romulus, New Boston
applications taken in person, please call for schedule

Volunteers of America:
Applications online ONLY,   248-945-0101
 Please call for schedule