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Apply For Help

Apply For Help

If your family needs help for this Christmas, you must apply using our application process. Applications for 2023 Assistance are currently available at the Jefferson Barnes Center and must be returned no later than November 10th, 2023. No applications will be submitted online this year.

This application is for WESTLAND RESIDENTS WITH CHILDREN ONLY, and proof of residency is required. Read the application carefully and complete it in full. Approved families will receive a gift voucher which will allow you to shop for your child’s specific needs. You are required to use the voucher appropriately for toys, clothing, books or other age/child appropriate items. Each voucher has a specific value and you are responsible for any amount above it. The Goodfellows receive and review copies of your purchases. If it is found that you used the voucher improperly or spent more than the allotted amount you risk being denied future help from the Goodfellows.  You will also receive a food voucher for a Heartland Market, local grocery store. Please use all vouchers by their deadlines.

Lastly, there are many agencies that provide Christmas assistance – Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, etc. DO NOT APPLY to more than 1 program  for Christmas assistance. The Goodfellows will cross reference our list of applicants with lists from these organizations. You risk losing all assistance by applying  to more than one program.

Merry Christmas to your family and may the New Year be better for us all!

**We may be assigning each parent a time range in which you can pick up your families Christmas package. For safety reasons, parents will remain in their cars. Parents are expected to bring their ID, which will be checked by one of our members. We will deliver the family’s items to your car. Then, you’ll be on your way, safely!**

Click Here to Download the 2023 Application